stephmodo: Walnut Groves + Star Gazing

Walnut Groves + Star Gazing

• 17 October 2011

Last night, as I transferred a few things from my car to house, I paused to look up at the stars twinkling in the sky.  Even though we live in Seattle proper, we do live in a quiet neighborhood (the best of both worlds!) and as I enjoyed that brief moment of silence I thought of where I was last week, and the time I stopped to look at the stars one evening after returning "home" from dinner in a nearby village.  Only a little more than a week apart, but moments far different from each other to be sure.  It's pretty surreal to even think about what I experienced that "normal" life is quite different.  My heart is spilling over with gratitude.

This particular adventure in France was unlike previous trips as this time I was not only there without any family members, including my kiddos; but, I didn't have any house projects either.  Instead I was able to truly enjoy the area and savor my surroundings in a new way, i.e. actually have the time to stop and pick walnuts off a tree.  I thought to myself, "this is how it must be for our guests when they stay at La Maisonnette".  Let me tell you, it was so relaxing!  I felt and still feel so inspired by this experience...thank you for going with the flow here as I post a few more times about it.  I have so much to share with you.

In the meantime, you've got to check out what our workshop guests have been sharing on their own blogs and websites.  Aran and I have been blown away by the beautiful images (all very different from each other too) and heartwarming accounts.  I think you'll enjoy the additional perspectives and a morning's worth of "pretty". Here they are...

Olivia - her images of Beynac blow me away.  Her perspective is so unique and the way she captured the Sarlat market in Autumn was breathtaking.

Kimberly - our picnic next to the Dordogne River and a beautiful image of our guests with the Valley of the 5 Castles behind them. 

Jen - beautiful images from our workshop plus lots of candid images of Aran doin' her thing.

Romina - comic relief and a delightful play-by-play of some of the details the rest of us have yet to share :)

Lorna - more lovely market photos (shallots and garlic never looked so good) and my favorite cheese plate photo of the week.

Sanda - red geraniums (so French!) and images straight out of a Chocolat...which was filmed in lovely Beynac.

image 1-3 - Stephanie Brubaker for stephmodo / image 4 by Romina Rasmussen of Les Madeleines


  1. Julie, thanks for piping up :) I appreciate your comment!

  2. What a beautiful experience - such good food too.
    Love seeing all these different perspectives:)

  3. Beautiful, and such wonderful links. Methinks I have found new blogs to follow...

  4. Jaime and Naomi, I'm glad you found new blogs to follow...they are very talented women and I am so grateful to have met them. Behind those blogs are some great women, which makes them that much more meaningful to read.

    p.s. love that you say "methinks"...I do too sometimes :) I think I picked it up from an old school pirate movie with Bob Hope perhaps? I'm dating myself here...

  5. Lovely photos the park and the food like everything is telling us autumn is here but you can still enjoy some lovely time out.

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