How to Create the Perfect Cheese Plate

• 08 December 2011

When we lived in Salt Lake we would often get together with another couple (who conveniently were our neighbors too) late in the evening for cheese tastings.  Typically we took turns choosing the cheeses for the night, which always kept things interesting and ecclectic.  We discovered, over the course of several evenings, what we loved and what we could pass on next time.  Aaah, what fun it was...

Last night, when finally sitting down to peruse a French magazine I brought back a couple of months ago, I spotted these gorgeous, handcrafted bread boards / cutting boards and was reminded of how much I love our one, nice, wooden cheese board.  It was a bit of an investment for us, but every time we use it, we are so grateful to have it; and we likely will never have to replace it in our lifetime.  Anyway, did you know that cheese plates make the easiest-to-assemble holiday appetizer ever?  I know many of you are looking for something sophisticated to bring to your next holiday fête, so why not create a beautiful cheese plate? 

Here's what you need to do:

1. procure wooden board - try popping into your local Anthropologie (or perhaps call first) to pick up one of these gorgeous Trudeau baguette boards (they are sold out online :(). A long, skinny cheese plate would be so fun.  Or, try Jayson Home for vintage French cutting boards.  You can use a wooden cutting board as a cheese board...I often do!  And last, try a few places on Etsy...this one looks nice. 

2. choose your cheese - it can be very overwhelming to stare at 50 different artisan cheeses and figure out those that are outstanding and worth the price tag!  I wrote a post last year for Zupas highlighting my favorite artisan cheeses, so take a peek if you'd like some inspiration for assembling your own cheese plate

If you'd like to share your favorite cheese (and I hope you do!), please leave a comment on this post (vs. the Zupas post).  Merci! I am always on the lookout for a new, delicious cheese to add to our list of favorites.

update: Some of Aran's "students" at the workshop in France created some beautiful cheese plates with simple ingredients--you can view them over at Jennifer's blog. I feel hunger pains coming on!

image 1 - Marie Claire Idées  /  image 2 - Anthropologie  /  image 3 - Jayson Home  / image 4 - Jennifer Chase Photography  image 5 - Lucas Allen for Domino


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