stephmodo: Affordable Art: Jenny Vorwaller Paintings + Prints

Affordable Art: Jenny Vorwaller Paintings + Prints

• 23 January 2012

Whenever I spot beautiful art for a reasonable price, I always love to share my discovery with you.  Today, may I introduce you to local artist Jenny Vorwaller?  She is a talented, modern painter who happens to live here in Seattle and for the moment is quite affordable.  You should peek at her original paintings, killer iPhone covers, and fine art prints here.  Nothing is over $100 and most things are priced around $'s that for affordable art?

p.s. curious what this gorgeous redhead looks like?  Peek at her fabulous family photograph here.


  1. Wow! That really is affordable - thanks so much for sharing with us as these are quite beautiful.

  2. Мне оч. нравится!

  3. thanks so much for introducing us to jenny vorwaller. her abstract paintings are so colorful and lighten my mood in the middle of a new england winter. and what a beautiful family!!

  4. beautiful. might not be able to resist those iphone covers.

  5. Uhm, Steph!! Is it my birthday today?? :)) You are a sweetheart! What a lovely surprise!


  6. So glad you like her work guys! And Aran, will we be seeing a new iPhone case in your future? ;)

    I know I'd like to see one in mine :)


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