At the Beach

• 08 January 2012

I realized this week that I haven't shared any personal photos with you in awhile, so here is a peek at our recent excursion to the beach on a sunny, glorious day.  Here in Seattle I've learned to stop everything when it's sunny and just enjoy, enjoy, enjoy every last ray.  It was a fine coincidence that I'd just pulled a loaf of banana bread out of the oven when the sunshine debuted over our neighborhood.  We quickly donned our wellies and hit the beach with a foil-wrapped loaf of banana bread to enjoy; which we did in under a half hour! Ha!  Talk about spoiling our appetite :)

p.s. I really appreciate all the emails about how much you enjoy my banana bread recipe...thanks friends!


Sanda Vuckovic Pagaimo said...

Stephanie,your babies are so cute!!Have a great 2012 and hope to see you this year!!!

Birdie in DC said...

Adorable!! And I cannot believe Emma has braces. My goodness, she's growing up. Lots of love.

kathy said...

Your children are adorable! We love banana bread. I use my grandmother's recipe. I get sentimental every time I bake it. My son, Luke, has braces and glasses, too. Baby Grey is so big now!

Emily Foley said...

So pretty! Thanks for your lovely photos.

katie//salt+pine said...

As someone who loves our gorgeous PNW beaches and a delicious banana bread, I have to tell you that I absolutely adore this post. :) Which beach did you go to?

Looking forward to seeing you next week at Alt!

Anonymous said...

1st time, I can see your gorgeous little one!
Hope you are all doing well
Amelie M

Stephanie said...

Sanda, thank you! Would love to see you too. I hope your kiddos are well also!

Robin/Birdie, that makes you and me both. Where does the time go?

Kathy, I was just thinking that did Baby Gray get so big?!

Stephanie said...

Emily, thanks for the comment!

Katie, we were at Discovery Park, near the lighthouse. See you next week! How will we find each other?

Amelie, thanks for the note!

Natasha said...

Hi Stephanie! I know this was ages ago, but I just had to comment, the photos are gorgeous, as are your kids! I just had to add that I LOVE that you have the beach so close to yoU! Did I tell you that Magnolia is one of my favorite places ever, in
the world? that in fact where you are, at the foot of Discovery Park? When we were there this summer (tragic that I didn't know you lived here!), I made a special effort to come here, drag our hosts here to see it for the first time. I think they had a good time. Thanks for sharing!! xo

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