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Links to Love: Practical Meets Pretty

• 17 February 2012

I've been so wordy this week, so I thought today I'd leave you with a pretty kitchen, a great breakfast recipe, and some things I'm lovin' on right now--all practical/useful and all pretty.  For me, those are the best kinds of links so I wanted to share them with you before I signed off for the weekend. Enjoy!

1.  A pretty, modern, white (!!) everything from the warm sisal to the stainless backsplash.

2.  My new favorite breakfast recipe - a scramble with rainbow chard + feta.  3/4 of my kids eat it up too!

3.  This cowlneck sweatshirt has become part of my uniform.  Thanks to all the crazy-in-a-good-way sales at Loft, I now have one in each of the two colors.  And I'd wear it everyday if I could keep it clean :)  note: most sizes are sold out online, but most stores still carry a few more sizes.  

4.  Right on sistah.  A great reminder, yes?  via Lottie Loves

5.  Also, I appreciate Jeanne Savage sharing this article about the importance of giving hugs to our children and decreasing our own stress, so it doesn't affect our little ones for the rest of their lives.  Good reminder!

image 1 - Cary Bernstein via Houzz  /  image 2, 3 - moi  /  image 4 - Loft  /  image 5 - Little Bit Funky


  1. I love starting out my day with a list of positive links, I'm going to check out all of these!

    P.S. As I'm typing this, my one year old is coming up to me just to snuggle. Love it!

  2. loving the cowl neck. i wore my black uniform from AT loft sweatshirt we share yesterday. it had been awhile.
    this one looks like a good staple. too bad xxl is all that's left!

  3. Stephanie, scarves seem to be part of my "uniform". I love them. One of my favorite ways to wear them is a way that you showed us. It was awhile back on a short video clip. I believe it was with a french woman. Anyway, I still use the technique often and thank you for it. Happy Friday!

  4. Will, thanks for the comment!

    Naomi, that is so sweet. I love those spontaneous hug moments from the little ones. My 1-year-old did the same today, and I thought, "can I freeze you in time?".

    Liz, you need to call Northgate or downtown. They have them in the stores--there are a few left! Call! They are on sale!

    Kathy, Oh I'm so happy to hear that! I need to wear more scarves...I love them too. It's just not what I think of first. Need to make it more of a habit :)

  5. I've missed a week of your blog and love what I have found here! I love your simple, yet meaningful Valentine's! So Sweet! (... and Tolix!) and can't wait to read the book! I've heard a lot about it. Our household is French/Swedish/American and I can relate to the tale in so many ways. Living actively among these three cultures has solidified the idea that stereotypes evolve with good reason but can also be perceived completely off the mark, as well. I'm completely fascinated by this in all three -- they ALL have their differences. Which also reminds me: Have you seen the movie: Babies?? It's a documentary about 4 babies born in Mongolia, Japan, the US, and Africa. It is so thought provoking and worth watching! Enjoying your site, as always!
    Also... sweet with hugs!

  6. The breakfast scramble sounds yummy, but the link isn't working...

  7. Willowday, thanks for checking in! Love your insight. Your household sounds really interesting...I'd love to know what parts of each of those 3 cultures you like the most...when you have a minute :)

    Anon, thanks for the heads up...I'm glad someone said something!


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