Beautiful Brushes

• 27 February 2012

Over time I've come to realize how much I enjoy and appreciate the domestic niceties that elevate otherwise mundane tasks.  For example, I love the way Savon de Marseille feels between my hands as I wash up before preparing dinner for my family (pamplemousse/grapefruit is my all-time favorite scent).  I also appreciate the shiny, chrome dustpan I brought back from Holland every time I reach for it (which these days is at least 3x/day with messy, little Baby Gray in the house).  There is just something about pretty cleaning supplies that almost gets me excited to clean ("almost" being the keyword here :)).

When I spotted all these beautiful European and Japanese-made brushes over at Brook Farm General Store this week, I started "oohing" and "aahing" out loud.  I love the melange of wood, bristles, metal and twine.  Gorgeous.  Oh how I'd love a big, galvanized steel tub full of these beautiful brushes...wouldn't you?  Does anyone else out there get excited about these sorts of things? :)

You can view all these lovelies (and more) over at Brook Farm General Store.


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