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Beautiful Brushes

• 27 February 2012

Over time I've come to realize how much I enjoy and appreciate the domestic niceties that elevate otherwise mundane tasks.  For example, I love the way Savon de Marseille feels between my hands as I wash up before preparing dinner for my family (pamplemousse/grapefruit is my all-time favorite scent).  I also appreciate the shiny, chrome dustpan I brought back from Holland every time I reach for it (which these days is at least 3x/day with messy, little Baby Gray in the house).  There is just something about pretty cleaning supplies that almost gets me excited to clean ("almost" being the keyword here :)).

When I spotted all these beautiful European and Japanese-made brushes over at Brook Farm General Store this week, I started "oohing" and "aahing" out loud.  I love the melange of wood, bristles, metal and twine.  Gorgeous.  Oh how I'd love a big, galvanized steel tub full of these beautiful brushes...wouldn't you?  Does anyone else out there get excited about these sorts of things? :)

You can view all these lovelies (and more) over at Brook Farm General Store.


  1. Remember that broom store on Granville Island? I'm dying to go back and get one of those handmade brooms. They were gorgeous and not even that pricey. Next time!

  2. Congrats! You have been nominated for the Versatile Blogger Award. To read more about it please visit my blog: A Matched Pair

  3. Cher, I hope you get your hands on one soon...I bet you will!

    Lauren, thank you for the nomination!


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