Simple Recipes + Meyer Lemon Roast Chicken w/ Herbes de Provence}

• 23 February 2012

It's about that time again...the fridge is empty and we are officially tired of our leftovers!  Time to start cooking again and plan this week's menu.  Life is particularly busy right now, which means I'm looking for simple recipes (i.e. hands on time of 30 minutes or less).  I know many of you are in the same boat and sometimes when life is hectic we don't want to sit down and plan meals, even though we know it will make for a smooth, more delicious week.  But 20 minutes is all it takes.  Promise.  Just think of how great it will be to avoid the 5-o-clock-what-the-heck-am-I-going-to-make scenario..:) 

1.  Roast Chicken with Meyer Lemons + Herbes de Provence - must enjoy those Meyers before they are out of my life until next season.  Your kitchen will smell soooo good!

2.  Danni's Marinara Sauce, Pasta + Roasted Vegetables - paired with a good ciabatta and a simple salad (just lettuce and a Dijon vinaigrette--like they do in France) makes for a simple, weeknight vegetarian dinner.  I'm excited to try this new recipe for marinara sauce--it looks really good if you're judging on ingredients alone.

3.  Salade Niçoise - my kids especially love the hard boiled eggs and roasted potatoes, so I make a little extra of both in order to make sure everyone is full (something I worry about when serving salad for dinner, even if it is hearty).  The imported tuna is key and worth the splurge.

4.  Rigatoni with Broccoli + Sausage (from the latest Everyday Food, and is therefore not on the website just yet) - I've had a little tin of anchovy fillets in my pantry for awhile and they are calling my name.  I actually love anchovies, despite their bad reputation.  In general they are terrific in pasta dishes and this recipe looks really, really good.  I hope they load it onto their site pronto.

5.  Deb's Black Bean Soup with Toasted Cumin Crema - my friend Robin sent me the link to this soup recipe and since I trust her taste 100%, I am confident it's going to be as good as it sounds.  Plus, I have creme fraiche on hand that I need to use up, and since meal planning is all about using what I've got on hand already (to save $ and time), voila.  I'll likely serve the soup with buttermilk cheese muffins (recipe coming soon...) and fresh avocado chunks b/c 1. I think it will taste awesome with the beans and cumin and 2. Baby Gray doesn't do soup, but he does do fresh avocado.  Watching him eat an entire avocado for lunch is pure entertainment. 

6. and 7.  We typically do "brupper" one night (this is my latest favorite) and cheap Vietnamese takeout for the other (Time4Pho for Seattle locals).  Believe it or not, our family of 6 can eat a healthy meal there for about $20.  It's such a find!

Any good recipes on the docket in your home this week?  I'm always on the lookout for ways to branch's so easy to just make the same old thing every week!

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