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The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-Up Book

• 17 April 2012

May I introduce you to the book that Baby Gray will just not put down...The Little Prince Deluxe Pop-Up Book (affectionately known to some of you as "le petit prince"). For 11 days now--for both naptime and bedtime mind you-- my little man requests the same book over and over.  Thankfully, it is easy on the eyes given all of the exquisite illustrations and has a lot of words (it's unabridged!).  So I feel like I get to read a little bit more of this interesting story each time; you know, before he excitedly turns the page mid-paragraph:)  Because of all the folding, spinning and pulling of tabs inside, this pop-up book would make a wonderful, much-loved baby gift for the newborn to age 3 or 4 crowd.

My sister-in-law Rachel gifted this book to Gray when he was born and I know she purchased it at Anthropologie; however, it looks like you can also pick one up on Amazon at a discount (and just look at those reviews on both sites!).  I think you'll enjoy this new classic!

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  1. Love this pop-up version. Getting one for myself and one for gifts!!

  2. We got this for Christmas and I do love it. I love the little prince and the book is so well executed!

  3. My children spend hours with this lovely book. I wish I had purchased two in case there is a rip or tear!

  4. Love it! And love that it is the unabridged version. I just bought 3 for my grandchildren.

  5. I had never read the book before starting it with my 6 year old a few nights ago. We couldn't stop laughing over the line about first you take care of your own toilet in the morning and then you take care of your planets toilet!
    This pop-up version with colored pictures looks so beautiful! Thanks for posting,

  6. Hi Steph! I've been totally enjoying your real home series! I think I sat here for the past 1.5 hours reading through your blog =). By the way, got this book for a dear friend and she loves it! Great, great pop-up design too!

  7. Natasha...good call! It was one of my favorite gifts. And you can never go wrong with a book...especially a great one like this!

    Allysha, I'm glad you discovered it too!

    Jus, funny you mention that. Today we had our first tear :( And I noticed that Gray has loosened the binding too. I think I may have to snag one more myself...

    Bonnie B, you are a good grandma!

    Anon, that is a great I said, it's "interesting"! None of this Old MacDonald stuff we routinely torture ourselves with...ha!

    Truly Smitten, I'm glad you liked this and the real life series! I have a great one to share next week. Can't wait!


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