stephmodo: Cherry Coffee Cake Muffins

Cherry Coffee Cake Muffins

• 21 June 2012

Last year I formed an addiction to Jaime's Tart Cherry Crumb's an amazing recipe and always a crowd pleaser.  But this year, I've been playing around with the coffee cake recipe my husband grew up on and decided to create a muffin version (my kids love them, plus it helps control portions) that is inspired by Jaime's recipe.  These have quickly become the most requested muffins in my home, even wooing my husband who isn't necessarily a muffin-kind-of-guy.  When I caught him going back for seconds I knew this recipe was a keeper :) 

I am sharing my recipe for Cherry Coffee Cake Muffins over on the Cafe Zupas blog this week.  Enjoy and Happy Thursday!

images by me - stephanie brubaker


  1. It was noisy and a little sad, to be exact - even a very sad

  2. The fabric you used to style these is pretty. And I really appreciate being able to see a few stray threads -- it looks like something I'd shrug my shoulders at, as I put dinner on the table.

  3. I don't think I can find cherries in water at the supermarket. Can you just rinse off a can of tart cherries in syrup ?

  4. Is there any reason I couldn't use fresh cherries in this recipe?

  5. yum yum! i love anything with cherries in it so i will definitely be trying this! :)

  6. I will have to try your new muffins. We love your cherry crumb cake. I try to always have a couple cans of tart cherries on hand...just in case!

  7. Hmmm these muffins look so delicious!

  8. Those look amazing - i know what I am making for a brunch with friends next week - Thanks!

    also can not stop looking at the colors on the painting below - great week on the blog!

  9. Starr, this is one of my favorite patterns of all-time. It's a Liberty fabric I picked up at Purl SoHo. It would be fun to buy more and make pillows or something...

    Katherine, the cherries in syrup are probably overly sweet for this recipe (due to sitting in high fructose corn syrup). I would stick to the cherries in water or the frozen pie cherries maybe. I am not sure of your location, but if you are in UT, the best cherry guy comes to the SLC farmer's market.

    Linda and Matthew, I think that would be worth trying...let me know how it turns out.

    Kathy, you and me both!

    Emily, Valentina, Debie and Jus, thank you!

  10. Purl Soho is such a delightful shop. My eldest daughter would select thread just because the colors were pretty.

    Almost four years in England & I still haven't gone into Liberty. I may correct that in October.

  11. I wanted to let you know I made your cherry muffins this morning and they were wonderful. My sister is visiting and loved them. I will absolutely make them again. And yet another delicious reason to keep those canned tart cherries on hand!

  12. Starr, you need to go!!!

    Kathy, I love hearing that...thank you!


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