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Sailing Aside Seattle

• 02 July 2012

Recently we celebrated my Father on a sunset boat ride around Lake Union--one of Seattle's beautiful lakes.  It was such a treat to have this opportunity to view our city from a completely different angle.  And like all new experiences, it was invigorating and inspiring!  The entire evening I kept thinking about how I need to be more thoughtful about planning interesting and creative date nights. 

The evening began with a quick stroll through a tiny neighborhood of colorful houseboats.  It was fun to imagine what daily life would be like living in an aquatic home.  Residents made up for the lack of yard with potted plants, flowers and trees.  I spotted Japanese maples, hydrangeas and cherry tomato plants thriving just inches from the water.  

We met our friendly captain, Geoff, at the end of the dock shortly before 8 o'clock.  Excitement was in the air as we stepped into the boat and made ourselves cozy on the deck.  As we set sail, we took in the views of landmarks we pass often, but never from this angle!  Kits were being flown at Gas Works Park, and a handful of other boats were also enjoying the mild evening as well.

During the boat ride we came to find out that our skilled captain (and former architect), sailed his vessel from Central America, to Hawaii, and then to Seattle...before landing on Lake Union for good.  When I hear stories about people following their dreams and embracing Plan B (when life's circumstances don't allow for Plan A), I always feel a slight lift in my spirits.  It's just wonderful to know that it's possible to live your dreams and to create the kind of life you've always wanted...with a lot of work and sacrifice of course.

The sun graced us with its presence at the end of our sail, which was much appreciated for many reasons (one-we don't see it enough; two-it made for beautiful pictures; three-it meant no precipitation!).     Now I can't wait for our next ride--what a wonderful evening it was.

p.s. if you live in Seattle, or are visiting soon, and are interested in a daytime or sunset sail, feel free contact Geoff at Lake Union Charters at "". I believe prices run $35 - $45 a person for the experience.

images by me


  1. Steph,
    Great post featuring our beautiful city! Thanks!

  2. Do not fade away, please) each day, checking, thanks))

  3. I agree with Valentina, we have missed you.
    Florence (NY)

  4. What fun! I used to follow your blog more... I hadn't realized you moved to the pacific northwest! we live here too and sailing is one of our favorite things to do this time of the year :)

  5. It must be fun! I love to look at those potted plants and those lovely paints on walls. So lovely! :)

  6. Fun! I am making my first trip through Seattle in a few weeks. This looks lovely.

  7. Thanks for this!! We've lived on Mercer Island for 7 months now. Since we haven't had any experience with boats (and have yet to make any friends who have one - haha!(, I've been looking longingly at all the boats on Lake Washington. This sounds like a great way to get out there. Who knows, I may even take some lessons!! Love your Seattle tips. They are so great for a newcomer!


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