Beautiful Shared Bedroom for 2 Girls + a Boy

• 01 August 2012

It's a tricky thing...pulling off a beautiful bedroom that feels comfortable for both sexes.  I am envious of those who find the perfect balance as it seems a difficult concept to me.  Sometimes I ponder the idea within my own home, but typically I dismiss the notion quickly because I can't wrap my head around it; particularly if I used what I already have on hand.  

I am not sure if any of you are in the same boat, but in case you are, I had to share a few images from my friend Holly's home.  She is due with her 3rd child any day now--a little boy who will be sharing a bedroom with his two lovely sisters.  Holly has accomplished what I only dream to do.  This bedroom is an inspiring space, especially considering she procured most of the items on Craigslist and Etsy; with a few DIY projects thrown in for good measure.  Did I mention that Holly knows how to do just about everything herself?  I feel like every time I am with her I discover a new talent or skill up her sleeve.  It just makes me laugh now--how wildly talented she is.  

A collection of pretty fabrics and favorite things--from the image, to the print, to the hedgehog made by her young daughter.  I appreciate the eclectic mix of objects and that everything you see here means something to Holly.  

p.s. if you're curious, the lamp was purchased at a local thrift store and the dresser was picked up off Craigslist Oklahoma City.  La giraffe is from Anthropologie.

The Jenny Lind crib was purchased off Craigslist here in Seattle and is one of her favorite pieces in the room.  Holly drove quite a ways to pick it up, but knew it was worth the miles.  She repainted it a bright white and it looks as good as new!

A closeup of a few of those favorites...

I am in love with the print Holly created and am begging her to open an etsy shop once things settle down a bit for her.  It says, "scatter sunshine all along your way"...such a darling phrase.  I love the way she paired the artwork with a frame picked up at the thrift store.  The pretty linen headboards with black piping really weight the room and add subtle sophistication.  I still can't believe she made them (see what I mean about those talents?).

The painted nightstand (also a thrift store find) supports a stack of children's books and another thrift store lamp.  In fact, writing this post reminds me that I need to hit the handful of thrift stores around here more often!  Clearly I am missing out :)  Also impressive--the pillows are made from vintage kimonos procured on etsy.  She pieced them together in strips, which I think is a really fun look.  It makes the pillows very similar, but not identical.

If you have any more questions for Holly, feel free to pipe in. Merci!

images by me


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