stephmodo: Lemonade Stand: Cherry Ginger Lemonade + Poppy Sugar

Lemonade Stand: Cherry Ginger Lemonade + Poppy Sugar

• 09 August 2012

This may be difficult for some of you to imagine, but it's just barely beginning to feel like summer here in Seattle.  Yes, we've enjoyed a few glorious days here and there, but nothing real consistent.  In fact, during our last week of swimming lessons I spotted more than one winter coat.  In July.  Crazy, no?  But, now that the good weather forecasts are popping up more frequently, I am thinking about lemonade all the time.  That's all the time, my friends.  Because we all know that nothing says "summer" like a glass of cold, made-from-scratch lemonade.

To celebrate, I am going to feature a weekly lemonade recipe for the duration of the summer (which officially ends in September), starting today.  I'm titling the series, "Lemonade Stand", inspired by the sweet set up Ashley's husband created for their children.  I hope you enjoy it!

Last year I purchased some deliciously sweet poppy sugar from an épicerie (the French word for "spice shop") near Beynac-et-Cazenac, France--the village where La Maisonnette resides.  I've been saving it for almost a year now, hoping to find the right use for it.  I almost forgot that I had this special sugar in my pantry until I  spotted my next-door-neighbor's patch of poppies.  Oh how lucky I am to live next door to an avid gardener!  

I was tempted to continue saving it, as making lemonade from the French poppy sugar seemed almost sacrilege after what Aran made with her poppy sugar.  However, I reminded myself that enjoying it in any form was perfectly appropriate.  After all, what good would it be sitting on my pantry shelf?  Using the poppy sugar for lemonade felt like putting out fancy china for breakfast (or at least that's how I imagine it would feel--I don't own china!).  But, I did it any way because sometimes you have to toss perfection out the window for the sake of accomplishment or enjoyment.  Plus, it smelled so delightful next to the ginger on my counter...

Now, I realize that 99.9% of us don't have access to poppy sugar, so go ahead and substitute regular sugar or attempt to make your own floral sugar.  Okay, so it's time to grab the juicer and start squeezing! Or do what I do and have your kids juice the lemons for you--they think it's the best task ever :)  

My recipe for Cherry Ginger Lemonade here

images by me


  1. I can relate to the weather through Sweden. We live there. We've been visiting the US in the heat belt, experiencing week after week of 100 degree weather, and returning to the 70's in Sweden, where it's finally peaking in the 70's just doesn't feel like the same season. It's all relative though. All of the neighborhood kids think nothing of jumping into water in the 50's every night and come running over to ask the kids to join them.
    I can picture your swimming scene all too well! We returned to outdoor swimming lessons in Sweden a few years ago and I remember standing by the pool in warm jackets and umbrellas! Our oldest had just enough Viking to join in but our youngest wanted nothing to do with it.
    It sounds like you've found a wonderful way to embrace it. These look yummy!

  2. I'd never heard of poppy sugar before (although I had recently read that all parts of the plant are edible, not just the seeds), but I have poppies blooming in my garden & I'm going to give it a try!

    I'm intrigued to see what gourmet versions of lemonade show up in the coming weeks -- this morning I came across a recipe for red clover lemonade. Such a coincidence.

  3. I love making lemonade in summer and this recipe looks fabulous. Thanks! Can you give me an idea of how to use my rose sugar I brought back from my last trip to France? It was so pretty and fragrant but I have no idea what to do with it??

  4. Alison, I think you should use it in this lemonade recipe! I think many floral sugars probably have similar scents and after making this I am totally sold on floral sugars. Aran added her poppy sugar to baked goods too. I'd say try them both!

    p.s. thank you for the slew of comments tonight!

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  6. I made this today and it was really good! Thanks for another great recipe. Your photos are gorgeous.


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