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Easy Ways to Modernize a Home's Exterior

• 31 October 2012

I am always a fan of Emily's projects and tips (do you remember her gorgeous kitchen and nursery renovation?) and am loving her latest DIY.  After leaving the city and heading to a subdivision in a small, Texas town, she decided her home needed a little modernizing; something that would differentiate it from the others on the street and also require little expense.  So, in addition to extensive trimming, pruning and other outdoor attention, she decided to paint her front door a daring color and spruce up the mailbox and curb as well.  

Now you may wonder why she chose orange for her front door.  It's not the first color that comes to mind when considering red-ish brick homes, but Emily longed for something bold enough to draw one's eye away from the prominent garage.  I'd say "mission accomplished"!  She then swapped out the traditional house numbers with a modern set from this site.  Love!  But the exterior updating didn't stop at the facade of the home.  Emily also extended the orange to mailbox numbers and a curb stencil, nicely tying in all of the new, modern elements to each other.  And while she isn't quite finished updating the home's exterior (she did just barely move in after all!), she is satisfied with these fun changes and already moving on to bigger projects.  Emily, I can't wait to see what you come up with next...

images by Emily McCall Photography


  1. i think the orange door looks amazing, it gives the house personality. it reminded me of the film "notthing hill" with the blue door :)

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  3. It definitely brings your eye to the front door instead of the garage. I love it! So smart.

  4. Such great work, I like all the improvements a lot. I wonder if staining her concrete driveway would be expensive? I think that would highlight the door even more. Lovely home.

  5. Thanks so much for the lovely post, Stephanie! And to you all for the kind comments. The door looked especially nice with the pumpkins and Halloween decorations!

    And @Andrea, I LOVE the idea of staining the concrete. I'm gonna look into it, thanks!


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