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DIY: Foraged Gift Toppers

• 19 December 2012

I mentioned recently that my littlest sister was here in Seattle, visiting from Boston (see a little peek into her apartment here).  She and I moved to Beantown the same year--2003; but, when we moved away in 2004, she stayed.  Both on a super tight budget (students!), we made it our mission to find all sorts of inexpensive ways to enjoy our city as well as the surrounding areas--Mount Auburn Cemetary being one of our favorites.  Last week's visit reminded me how much I've missed having her near as we sort of pressed "repeat", but this time in Seattle.  It was her first time here and you know I had a great time showing her around!

When I mentioned to her that I wanted to create simple gift toppers with little bits and pieces I've spotted along the road, her face lit up.  It turns out there are few things she enjoys more these days than foraging, so this was pretty much her dream day :)  Honestly, I couldn't believe all the little treasures we found--almost all of them within one block of my home.  Seattle is just crazy that way.  Pine cones in the shape of baby basketballs?  Check.  Holly in my backyard?  Check.  Cute, fuzzy berries in shades of yellow, orange and red?  Check.  We were practically giddy about it all.

For this simple DIY you will need: 

1. solid wrapping paper (kraft brown is a classic, but colors can also be lovely as they create contrast).
3. twine
4. sprigs of green

If you swap out the greens, tape colors, types of twine, etc. you can really go to town making beautiful gifts.  Who needs expensive ribbon when you have a few trees or bushes nearby? :)  I promise you that if you start looking for little greens or twigs to incorporate into your gifts, you will discover so much overlooked beauty.  It's really a wonderful feeling!

all images by me, except for no. 5, which was taken by my sister via iPhone


  1. Absolutely stunning! What a great pair of creatives you make. Love the simplicity and elegance.

  2. Couldn't be prettier! I used this idea in the summer (with your wildflower idea and loved it)... now I may have to shlep on my winter boots and see what I can find that the Michigan freeze hasn't taken yet.

  3. What a beautiful way to use those small finds, I love your blog!
    K xx


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