stephmodo: How to Help Someone Dealing with PTSD {and Thoughts on OK}

How to Help Someone Dealing with PTSD {and Thoughts on OK}

• 21 May 2013

Like most of you, I've been thinking a lot about the devastating tornados that hit Oklahoma in the past two days.  As I view the videos and news stories posted online, I cannot help but think about the grieving taking place and the difficult months ahead.  While relieved that my own beloved family members living in the area are safe, there are many out there with broken hearts.  Since we are a country that rallies behind each other, I have hope that we will figure out a way to help those affected get through this difficult season.

In the meantime, I want to share some tips I found online about helping people who experience post traumatic stress disorder (PTSD).  It is likely, that in the wake of these events, that many will suffer from PTSD.  In fact, you may already know or suspect that someone in your life suffers from PTSD.; many different types of trauma can cause this condition.  Perhaps, give a minute or two to these two sites (here and here), which both outline a handful of ways you can help someone with PTSD.  Someday, when he or she is healed, they will thank you for being a genuine, concerned friend.

Update: I spoke to my sister-in-law, who lives in the area where the tornadoes caused so much devastation this week.  She says she is so impressed with the way the residents are banding together to help each other out.  In fact this morning, she couldn't say enough good things about how the people in her area are handling the situation.  It fills me with hope and happiness when I hear about all the goodness being spread.  Friends, there is more to life than tragedy!  And it sounds like these Oklahomans are teaching us all this lesson by their remarkable examples.  

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  1. I'm so in shock over what has happened. It's hard to take it all in. I can't imagine the devastation to have everything gone in a moment.
    Jana @ 333 Days of Hand Lettering

  2. As a trauma survivor myself, I wanted to thank you for your post. I also wanted to share a link to the Trauma Survivors Network.

  3. Jana, thank you for sharing your heartfelt thoughts.

    And Katy, I appreciate the additional link about this important subject...hang in there!

  4. I love that, "there is more to life than tragedy!" I can attest to that one. Goodness abounds, it always will.

  5. Thank you for posting these links. It can make one feel so helpless when we want to lighten the burden for others, but have little idea how. I will visit them tonight. xo


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