Authentic French Crêpes

• 05 September 2013

One of our favorite family traditions is to make crêpes together.  Typically, I make the batter and my husband cooks the crêpes in our vintage cast iron skillet.  While he takes the time to carefully perfect each crêpe, I put together all of the toppings--sliced strawberries, homemade whipped cream, honey, nutella, sliced bananas, homemade jam, lemons, etc.  Meanwhile, the kids are running around excitedly (until their mama asks them to set the table :), anticipating each golden crêpe with great excitement. We don't make them often, but boy when we do, it's always a delicious, worthwhile experience.

Today, I'd like to share the recipe with each of you (after the jump).  A family from French-speaking Switzerland sent my husband home with this delicious recipe after his LDS mission and we've never been tempted to try another. Bon appétit!

Authentic French Crêpes

Makes approximately 15 crepes; for savory crêpes, simply omit the sugar. 

2 c. milk
3 large eggs
1 tablespoon safflower oil
1 3/4 c. flour
1 teaspoon sugar
pinch of good sea salt

Pour each of the ingredients into a blender, in the order shown above.  Blend until smooth.

Heat a 10" non-stick pan over medium heat.  Pour between about 1/4 c. of batter into the pan and quickly smooth by rotating the pan in circles (alternatively, you could use one of these spreaders, like they do in France).  Cook for approximately 2 minutes on the first side and 1 minute on the second side.  Wipe the pan with a paper towel dipped in melted butter between each crepe.

Serve with homemade whipped cream and the toppings of your choice.  French classics include: banana slices/nutella, strawberries, fresh-squeezed lemon juice/sugar, and homemade jam.


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