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Tartine Bread

• 24 September 2013

My love affair with food began as a child (I was deemed "starving stephanie" by my aunties and cousins because of my seemingly endless appetite), but the relationship really blew up when I lived in San Francisco.  With a thrice-weekly farmer's market, a generally high standard for anything involving edible consumption, and a food-related work environment (I worked at Williams Sonoma's corporate office and my desk was right across from the test chef!), it was simply unavoidable.

One particular block in the Mission is particularly delicious as it's home to Bi-Rite Creamery + Grocery and Tartine.  There is an ever-present line at Tartine, but with good reason...everything there is scrumptious (please know it is worth the wait!).  The food is amazing and the bread is better than most boulangeries in France (just read the inspiring introduction and you will understand why). When I recently thumbed through their cookbook, Tartine Bread, I just knew I needed to add it to my repertoire.  If anyone is going to make a breadmaker out of me, it's going to be Chad Robertson!

If you're looking for a beautiful cookbook for yourself or for someone else, this is a great find.


  1. I'm reading through the recipe/process for the basic loaf, and my son and I are going to attempt it as a potentially really tasty science experiment. Good luck to both of us :-)

  2. Oh, this looks like a lovely book! Thanks.

  3. Emily, good luck! Would love to hear about it. I am sure it will be amazing.

    CJ, even if you don't intend to make the bread, it's a lovely book to have on the shelf or coffee table!

  4. I would love to become an expert bread maker. I have seen this book before and will add it to my list.

  5. While my husband went to ucsf I interviewed there at Williams Sonoma! I'm wondering how you like seattle....we might be moving there soon. Have you ever done a post all about seattle?? I've never been but it seems similar to sf?

  6. Lisette, you will love it.

    Lindsay, try searching "seattle" on my side bar. I've posted a lot about it in the past couple of years. I think you'll get pretty excited about moving here :)

  7. I don't have the book, but the lemon cream pie is OUT OF THIS WORLD. One of my favorite homemade desserts ever. And that's saying something. :)

  8. Chad has another book coming out this month; "Tartine #3". He revisits some recipes from the first Tartine book, written by his wife and partner, Elizabeth Prueitt.

    Definitely worth waiting in line!


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