stephmodo: Modern French Impressionism: L'Atelier de Pierre van Dijk

Modern French Impressionism: L'Atelier de Pierre van Dijk

• 15 December 2013

Since renovating our little maisonette in the Medieval town of Beynac, France, I've wanted to share something very special with you--a little secret, or rather, an undiscovered treasure.

This small, picturesque village situated on a steep cliff, has been a destination for artists since the 19th century.  We know for certain that French Impressionist painter, Paul Signac sojourned in Beynac; and we also know that another French Impressionist, Camille Pisarro, spent time in our village back in the 1800's.  I was recently thrilled to discover, via one of our guests, that one of my favorite photographers, Henri Cartier-Bresson, also visited and photographed Beynac back in the 60's.  What I wouldn't give to take a walk with him down the bumpy, cobblestone paths.  

Carrying on the artistic heritage in Beynac today, is an amazingly talented painter named Pierre Van Dijk.  His paintings are the most exquisite contemporary works I've seen.  I see as much beauty in Pierre's paintings as I do when visiting the Museé Marmottan in Paris (definitely a must-see!).  And the beautiful part of this story is that he is not only an exceptional artist, but he is a kind person (and so is his lovely wife).  We are grateful to call them friends and for the incredible beauty and warmth their presence adds to the village.  I share these things because catching a glimpse of a person's heart and soul is important to me when purchasing art--it's part of the whole package, you know?

One afternoon during a recent visit, I spent two afternoons walking the paths of Beynac, capturing the beauty of the village and of Pierre's work, for the express purpose of sharing it with you today. Needless to say, it wasn't difficult :)  It is no wonder Pierre settled here to paint.  There is inspiration around every corner.

His "atelier", or workshop, is particularly delightful.  A solid wood easel is settled next to the window where always a lovely painting is perched.  Finished works are displayed on the walls and in the window on pretty days (see above).  Sometimes his wife Ellie adds a cheerful vase of flowers--a sight that always makes me happy upon passing.

If you have the opportunity to visit Beynac, definitely carve out a little time to meet Pierre.  But in the meantime, you can read up more on Pierre, his interesting backgroundcolor theory, and available paintings on his website.  Works are available framed or unframed and ship worldwide.  Feel free to contact Pierre over the phone or email as well. He speaks fluent English, Dutch and French!

Atelier Pierre
Pierre van Dijk
Rue de la Balme
24220 Beynac-et-Cazenac


main: +33 (0)6 32 88 49 89
mobile: +33 (0)5 53 59 62 66

all images by stephanie brubaker / stephmodo


  1. His works are stunning! He definitely has a new fan.

  2. lovely, beautiful post one can tell how special this is to you and how wonderful his pieces are by your words and photographs. Sorry i missed the opportunity to stop at his atelier.

  3. Oh my goodness! Thank you so much for sharing. His paintings are gorgeous. Lovely lovely!

  4. beautiful work. I too, live in the area and paint in the impressionist style for 40 years. I plan on a meeting of the artists!
    Thank you again. You can see we are on the same page so to speak!

  5. This reminds me about one of my subject in my college years in Humanity course. I bet, your works will be studied by lot of students. The idiom and explanations herein will help the learner and educator to more gain knowledge about impressionism.


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