Hello Kitty Birthday Party

• 24 March 2014

Over a year has passed since I planned this little birthday party for my daughter, Sophie.  I hoped to share these images with you much sooner, but you know how life goes sometimes.  Things just manage to get in the way, now don't they?  I have to admit, I relish in that fact that at least one of my children still enjoys a homespun party (I'll be riding that train as long as possible!).  

Just before she turned six last year, we discussed the type of party she wanted.  She was emphatic about having a Hello Kitty Birthday Party, which initially I had no idea how to pull off without being tacky. Thankfully, she's the cutest licensed character of them all.  Also, thank goodness she is often accompanied by polka dots.   

While guests arrived, I led the girls to a little craft table in the family room, where they each made their own Hello Kitty mask.  This type of distraction gave the littles a chance to channel all their energy towards creating something of their own.  The craft wasn't fancy or complicated, just something short and sweet to amuse them for the first fifteen minutes.  The alternative is your home turning into a bounce house... :)  

I used some pretty spoons I already owned for mini serving ware.  Napkins were simple, white and from the local grocery store.  I simply stamped them and used a bit of baker's twine as an accent. Super easy! 

Since I try to keep all of my children's parties within a $100 budget, you'll notice I reuse many of the same things for each party.  I included online links below, but keep in mind these are things you might be able to find locally too (bottles-grocery store; dishes-Target; tablecloth-Craigslist).  

These basics create a clean, flexible base for each party.  Add in fun paper, ribbon, flowers, balloons, garlands, straws, etc. and you have a "new" party each time.  Another money saver is to make the cake or cupcakes from scratch, versus buying them elsewhere.  The star of the dessert table can be a real money suck and since cupcakes are so simple to make, go ahead and give 'em a shot.  If you can make easy muffins, you can make a basic cupcake recipe. Promise!  

I typically snag a cupcake recipe from Martha Stewart and then use the Sprinkles recipe for the frosting.  

In order to fill up the table with treats and make it feel special, I supplemented the homemade cupcakes with some store bought treats as well.  When you have a Trader Joe's nearby, it's pretty easy to stay on budget and fill up your cart :)  It's the best.  Anyway, I found some pretty vanilla meringues (the girls loved these!) and yogurt covered pretzels from TJ's, as well as a bunch of Pocky sticks from Daiso (where everything is $!). 

A few other notes...

For party favors, I slipped a Hello Kitty pen and a few matching erasers in a clear, cello bag. Also, per tradition, we sent each guest off with a balloon as well.    

Pin-the-blank-on-the-blank is the classic, go-to party game for every child 7 and under in our home.  I just can't stop myself.  It's so fun every time!  

Also, I typically double up on straws because inevitably one doesn't function properly (especially if the straws are paper) and because it's more fun to have more color!  

To peek at other parties, head here.  Enjoy!


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