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Things that make you go "hmmm...."

• 13 February 2007

Everyone is still sleeping soundly here at the house but I've been up since 5:22 a.m. due to a bout of insomnia. This does not bode well for me today as I went to bed at midnight so we'll see how it all unfolds! So much happened in SLC these past few days and so much is going to happen over the course of the next few days. Things on my mind include: a tragic accident involving a family with young children, a drunk driver who fled, and a father so willing to forgive; also on my mind are the shootings at Trolley Square last night (a mall I like to visit after the kiddies go to bed), Ben's birthday today, Valentine's Day tomorrow (perhaps E's favorite holiday), and of course, the pending birth of baby #3 on Sunday (the official due date). My mind is full of thoughts about life, its fragility and how at any moment our lives too could end whether by fate or just unlucky circumstances. It makes me further motivated to cherish each day, each child, Ben, and all the blessings that take place in my life each day. These events also make me want to strive to be better, do more, care more, extend myself more, etc. as there is much to be done while living our lives here on earth. Well, off to grab a few more minutes of sleep before sunrise....I hope you all have a wonderful day!


  1. So strange, Steph, Scott and I were both awake at 5:00 this morning too, having difficulty sleeping. But we did not have nearly as profound of thoughts as you did. Life is precious. We're so excited to meet baby # 3!

  2. Yes, we can see the mall out our window. And we drove past it just one hour after everything unfolded. We're just waiting for the worried call from Wami's parents in Japan. ;)


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