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Big City Soup

• 18 April 2007

Today my sister-in-law Tiffany and I went to Big City Soup downtown for a spontaneous lunch date with the kids. We braved the snow (ya heard me right, snow!), metered parking and of course the five kids between us in order to 1. avoid cooking lunch (breakfast and dinner is quite enough) 2. enjoy adult conversation (between demands, "get back here's", etc.) and 3. to prove to ourselves that we can still be fun and spontaneous despite our demanding roles as moms and growing brood-in-tow. I'd say we were pretty successful!

What a great find...Big City Soup. They boast signature soups like Lobster & Golden Pepper Bisque (what I ordered), New England Clam Chowder (the thyme is a nice accent), Tomato & Gorgonzola and also a daily menu of about 5 more soups. If you know you're headed to Big City Soup you can check out their daily menu online here. Today Tiffany ordered a special soup, Red Crab Chowder. That's C-R-A-B not K-R-A-B. Here in SLC the former can be hard to find. You coastline dwellers better appreciate your C-R-A-B because once you go inland, it's hard to find (here in SLC the only place I've found the good stuff is Aquarious Seafood Market).

Bonus about Big City: they serve yummy focaccia bread with the soup and a piece of Tillamook cheese. For dessert you can enjoy a complimentary Andes mint candy...or two...or three...or six if you're Lukey.

Let's go again soon!

P.S. It's kid-friendly due to the medium level of noisiness and Zagat-rated :)


  1. Mmmmmm that sounds yummy. It's making me hungry. Time to rush home now!

  2. really was fun to go! I was dreaming about my red crab chowder as I was eating...uh...french toast...for dinner (the upside of Jacob having Young Men's on Wednesday night :)


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