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• 18 April 2007

Each morning a little robin lands in our yard, walks around for a few minutes, checks out the back fence, and then leaves. Each day he comes around the same time (8 a.m.) and lands in the same place (on some grass near a bed). He's a cute little fellow--a beautiful bird in fact. I asked E why she thought he came every morning and why he landed where he did. She gave the following possible reasons for this wonderful occurrence:

1. Maybe he likes our house and wants to be in our yard

2. Maybe he likes grass

3. Maybe he likes to see dead tomatoes (should've ripped those out honey!)

4. Maybe he likes to be by the dirt (or the weeds!)

5. Maybe he likes to see the flowers in our yard (do you mean the weeds?)

6. Maybe he likes weeds (ah-ha!)

I'd say we'd better get on finishing that backyard!


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