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What to Bite in the Big Apple

• 17 April 2007

Ben and I are heading to NYC in a few weeks (Mother's Day weekend to be exact) and I thought I'd ask you all what is a must-see in NYC. This is Ben's first time in New York (unless you count a one-day recruiting trip there in grad school) and I want to make sure he sees the most important things as well as places off the beaten path. So my question for you is, what should we make time for on our trip? Come on guys...Comments please!


  1. For sure, you already know better than me. But I'll help things get started. We only were there for 24 hours and we saw:

    Central Park
    Manhattan Temple
    Ground Zero
    5th Avenue (for Wami)
    Times Square
    (We ate NY pizza)

    Things we would have liked to see:

    Ellis Island and the Statue
    Empire State Building
    (We shoulda had a hot dog)

    What else is there?

  2. I guess Wicked is might like it...YOU REALLY HAVE TO GO!!!!!! I've also heard that A Light in the Piazza is great. Part of it is actually in Italian and then they explain...Ben would get into that. There's a great family-style Italian restaurant we went to last May...I'll find out the name from Vanessa and let you know!

  3. Scott and I really enjoyed the Lower East Side Tenement Museum

    There is always the Guggenheim (an architectural wonder) or the MoMA.

    I was thinking that Ben might like some city or architectural history, and there is an exhibit at the Museum of the City of New York about Robert Moses, a influential city planner. I don't know if that would be cool or not....

    Also, My Lonely Planet says that there is an International Food Fair in Mid- May on 9th Avenue between 37th and 57th streets. I don't know if the festival will coincide with your trip, but it'd be fun to stroll down the street if it did.

    There's a fun asian fusion restraunt called Ruby Foos that we liked. And so many other yummy places to eat....

    You guys will have a great time!

  4. If you are around the ESB, keep your eyes open for a black stuffed animal dog - you know, the one Ella dropped out the 80th floor window a few months ago.

    Plan ahead for Ellis Island/SOL. The ferries stop sooner than you think they would. I would go earlier in the day.

    A stroll down Wall Street is a must. You can tour the NYSE, which is pretty cool.

    You could also try to get tickets for Letterman.

  5. Hi Steph! My sisters and I go to NYC every summer. We LOVE the tenement Museum (call and sign up for the tour: 212-982-8420. Also, you must go the Chelsea flower market and don't forget to stop at Bond Perfumerie to grab some new york scents: Best: Nuits de Noho (I LOVE this one!) I am going to email you my zagats acct. info so you can get online and check out all the attractions, restaurants, ect. Miss you!!


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