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Blackmail Pictures

• 20 April 2007

Come on, you know what I am talking about...THOSE pictures...the ones where you don oversized glasses, big bangs, big hair in general or scary tops with weird things like hot air ballons plastered all over the front; and we can't forget those good ol' pink hightop converse can we? Okay so I am pretty much speaking for myself but I know I'm not the only one out there with pictures like this (sorry to drag you into this Cher!)...

One clearly cannot trust a thirteen-year-old to make wise fashion choices. I would normally consider this a blackmail picture but since guests of my surprise 30th party saw it already, I figure it's out there already so whatever.

Today my sister-in-law Caroline took some more "blackmail pictures" of me for a college photography assignment (I couldn't say no b/c Caroline is watching my kids ALL weekend while in NY in May!). Imagine Steph in thick black eyeliner and a mohawk. Are you getting the picture here? I think S was even scared of me. I was scared of me! Perhaps I'll post a few pictures next week of me as the attitude-sportin'-scary-eyeliner-wearing punk teenager I was this morning for 45 minutes. Now if I could only get this black nail polish off!


  1. It looks exactly like you - just a little younger. Ok, maybe a little nerdier too. ;) I love the 80's!

  2. thanks Jerin! You sure know how to make a woman feel good :) No more babysitting for you! Just kidding.


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