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• 04 April 2007

Over the past, say three years I've become discerning about what clothing I purchase. I used to buy cheap everything (again--that love for a good deal manifesting itself!) but I found these things to be of poor quality and not able to withstand constant wear; so I decided to make a few changes in my buying strategy. Now, although I love the sale racks still, I will consider purchasing something that is full price IF I will wear it frequently or IF I love, love, love it. T-shirts in my closet will always come from Gap, Old Navy or H&M; however, dressy slacks, handbags, and shoes will not.

This is an example of something full price but something I love, love, love. I've eyed it for 4 weeks now. I've even taken the time to cut out the picture and put it on my bulletin board as incentive to sell a few things around the house so I could feel better purchasing it. It comes from Boden, an English clothing company introduced to me by my English neighbor, Kate. It turns out they have a US-based website as well, which means shipping is reasonable. I realize buying this means forgoing the clearance rack at Nordstrom Rack this month but I'm okay with that b/c I know putting on this top in the morning will make me happy. It's just a happy kind of top. It will look good with a Shade undertee in white.

P.S. Mini-Boden for kids has fun children's clothing too. I would consider buying something from them for a special occasion such as a family photo or holiday. Cute stuff. The little catalogs they send in the mail are a fun little size too. E loves them!


  1. This post caused a significant dent in our credit card bill. I'm going to have to ban Wami from checking this blog. ;)

  2. I went to the Boden website and found a skirt that I couldn't resist. And I bought it as a gift for myself for surviving one year of motherhood. Thank you for showing me the cute brand!


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