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Fun Ideas for Baby Gifts

• 04 April 2007

It's always nice to present a baby gift to a new mother that really strikes a chord. I know we all love those soft Baby Gap onesies and while they will always remain the perfect gift, it is also nice to give and receive something new, something unique.

My friend Kristen gave S. a beautiful outfit and then placed it in a gift bag tied with a ribbon and a binky. Not your typical MAM or NUK binky, but a binky that read, "Mute Button". Classic, truly classic. It really made Ben laugh. In fact the binky has been in such high use it's M.I.A. right now but we are sure to find it. Here is a picture of the binky we received:

You can also purchase pacifiers with names and anything else for that matter. Even if you don't have children yet, check out this site. It will make you smile :)

On Monday night we had FHE with our friends Jerin and Wami Yu. They brought a fun dessert AND a fantastic baby gift. Wami was excited that I liked it so much and that I hadn't seen anything like it before. She gave Jerin that knowing glance, "I told you so!" when I was gushing on about it. These are so cool!

Click here to jump on their website to view all their baby products. As always I am a sucker for a great looking website and great marketing. I love it!


  1. I'm so glad that you liked them. I like them so much, I wish they had bigger sizes that Taisei could continue to wear.

  2. Uh, we should mention that they have "boy colors" as well. Those are the ones that Taisei wears, not these pastel-y ones. ;)


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