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Etsy Pick of the Week: Spotbear

• 12 April 2007

My brother-in-law Jon has probably never lost a book due to his handy dandy system of keeping track of who borrows what and for how long. For those of you unfamiliar with Jon's super organized habits, here's how it works...Let's say you borrowed something from him, a DVD perhaps, he would write the title and your name down on a pad on the fridge and then after about 4 weeks, he would call or email you about the item. Just a friendly reminder he'd say. I think it's pretty funny, in a good way. I think I might get this, a Personal Library Kit, for him on his next birthday. It would be perfect. It is available at Paper Source or the New York Public Library's online store.

For the rest of us, bookplates are our only saving grace. I found some lovely bookplates on Etsy this week created by Spotbear Stationery. The woman behind Spotbear received her masters degree in Biology before deciding to make an industry change to textiles. She now lives in San Francisco and makes beautiful things for others to enjoy. I love the idea of having a bookplate in every book I own (of value anyway). These would be the ones I'd choose.


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