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Merci Beaucoup Benjamin

• 12 April 2007

This whole three-kid thing is tough...Tiffany & Cher, I have a new appreciation for your lives and what you accomplish. I'm only seven weeks into it and I haven't found my groove yet! (perhaps Stella could give me a few tips) I find my days fairly difficult and I struggle with not being able to accomplish much of anything outside of mothering, as noble of a responsibility as it is. Today, I explained to Ben how I've been feeling and he fortunately was in a position to come home early (6 p.m.) and relieve me of my "domestic duties" for a few hours. After dinner he sent me on my way to have some fun while he put the kids down and did some deep-cleaning for me (the elbow-grease-requiring-kind) around the house....and so I did go out...and I did have fun...and I do feel better. So thanks Ben!


  1. What a good man. I definitely have to make sure Wami stops reading this blog. haha So what did you go do?

  2. Please... take the picture off.. I'm beggin' you!


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