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Placemats for Kids

• 23 May 2007

Last year when my friend Alison visited from NYC, she was shocked I didn't have plastic placemats for my kids. Over and over she watched me give them cloth placemats (the ones I now reserve for only adults) and then watched my neverending pile of laundry pile up even more. She said "enough, I'm taking you to Target and we are buying your kids placemats" we did! Since then we've been using the Hello Kitty mats (slim pickings) we picked up that day but I'm ready for something more hip; I'm sure L. is ready for something more boyish. Check these and these out, it doesn't get much better than this!

The price point seems right on too. According to Sunset magazine's DIY placemat project, it'll cost you $7 to do it yourself so you might as well pay $6.95 to not! I figure I need to pick and choose my projects these days :) Maybe you do too?


  1. I love the one that has the map of the states. In about the 4th grade I think, they need to know them plus the capitals. Very cute placemats!

  2. look at me... commenting from my phone as we zip past dinky towns in southern utah! What can I say, I'm a stephmodo addict. Let's get some of these placemats!! poor look will be scarred by his girly hello kitty! Hello two year old manliness!

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