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• 23 May 2007

If you've ever eaten pizza in Italy, namely Napoli, eating at Settebello is going to take you for a ride down memory lane. Settebello is only the 15th eatery in the United States to meet the strict requirements of the Vera Pizza Napoletana (VPN), regulated by none other than the Italian government itself. Imported flour, tomatoes, olive oil and even the head chef! All direct from Italy. Hands down this is my favorite place for pizza in SLC (boy are we really coming up in the culinary world). It's going to be yours too!


  1. I can't eat any pizza and enjoy it like I used to! Even in NYC it just wasn't as good as SB! (I can't believe the other stephmodites didn't beat me to the first clamorings of additional accolades for SB!!!)

  2. Settebello is amazing! Thanks for introducing us to that place. Yummy!
    Besides A16 in SF and the other Settebello in Las Vegas, do you know where the rest of them are?

  3. Here's a link to a website Robin!

  4. Mark and I are so excited to try this place when we visit (we'll add it to the list after Arctic Circle). I really like A16 here in San Francisco, but I had no idea that they were a member of the VPN or that the VPN even existed.

  5. Paula, I am "shocked" that your Italian stallion of a husband didn't know about VPN! Didn't he serve his mission in southern Italy? Speaking of which, let's all take a trip there someday and have Marky Mark show us around. Ben and I did walk past A16 on our last trip to SF and it was packed!!

  6. Hate to rain on your parade, but I was not impressed with the pizza at Settabello. We ate there a couple of months ago with some friends and none of us were impressed I sampled several different pizzas while there and felt they did not hold a candle to various pizzas that I tried while traveling around Italy. Perhaps they have improved since I ate there.


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