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Dining Chairs

• 05 June 2007

My plan to replace my kitchen chairs is on the back burner as Target is sold out of the color I need. Darn...should've acted quickly! Here are some others that are beautiful. Surprisingly, the most expensive set is from Target. I'm wondering what I'm missing...

For those of you who know what my living space looks like, which ones would look best? For those of you who don't, I have a dark walnut/chocolate table. Input please!

Click here if you'd like more info on these chairs (above)
and here for these (these are surprisingly
the most expensive but still well-priced)

and here for these (above)

Click here for these


  1. I like the first chair.I think it grounds the table and area.

  2. I agree with lee lee. I think the other ones are cute but too trendy for your table from what I rememeber.

  3. Oh NO! We'll have no chairs for a while! j/k ;)

  4. Jerin it's good to see you back on the blog!! :) How is Taiwan??

  5. Personally, I like the West Elm T chairs. They are an intriguing shape that is pleasing to the eye and in its modern style matches the clean lines of the stainless/granite of the kitchen.

  6. If it ain't broken - don't change it - the ones you have now are perfect!


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