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• 05 June 2007

How does your state stack up? Click here to see...

According to the article, the following two things need to take place to improve our system:

1. higher teacher salaries (please raise my taxes so we can pay our teachers more and thus attract better teachers)

2. smaller class sizes for first-graders (why are we shutting schools down here if our class sizes are 30-40 kids and the national average is more like 19 or 20? the logic?)

Anyway, check it out. It's good to be aware of these types of things if you have school-age children.


  1. Next year Neal's 6th grade class will have 12 pupils and an aide if needed. Sometimes small country schools rock!

  2. Hi I am your sis-in-law Caroline's friend. I teach 1st grade. This year I had 18 students (a smaller size) because of extra funding. My budget for the year is $900 which is $50 per student. I realize this doesn't include building costs but it is the money that is spent to directly benefit the student. It is no where near enough. However I know teachers that do it on a $200 budget. Put your child in a classroom that has an organized teacher, I think they spend the $ the best.

  3. Incredible that Utah is dead last. How shameful is that?

  4. Actually, I realize that we have a higher percentage of the population in the schooling age range, which may account for some of the lack of funds. But still!

  5. So Chelsea, how do I find out that type of information about the teacher in advance? What tips do you have? Also, E's preschool teacher recommends that E always be in classes that are smaller. Is that possible in Utah? I'd love some advice.

  6. The week before school starts teachers are contracted to work in their rooms. During that week parents can walk their children through the halls especially if they are k/1. When you do this peek into the rooms and see what they look like & feel like. Even introduce yourself to the teacher and see what your gut reaction is and follow it. There are going to be teachers that are going to love your kid or just treat them as another student. You will be able to tell. Class size is not as important as having a teacher that cares. Please ask me more if you need to.


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