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• 19 June 2007

Do you suffer from what my mom refers to as "gaposis"? (definition: revealing too much skin as a result of ill-fitting clothing) I know I do at times, so I've looked into a few solutions for gaposis and here is what I found...

Hollywood Fashion Tape--ah ha! Now we know how J.Lo confidently reveals 75% of her chest on the red carpet...she knows she doesn't have to worry thanks to Hollywood Fashion Tape. She's all taped up no doubt. For only $7 a box, this is worth peace of mind. In SLC it is available at Got Beauty in Sugarhouse.

Experiencing gaposis with your favorite J.Crew button-down shirt? Try Bug Catcherz (I know...cheezy name) Blouse No See Em's. Just slide them between your buttons and press down once your shirt is buttoned. You can even view a helpful how-to video on their website. As far as I know, these are available online only.
Here's to saying goodbye to "gaposis" as we know it!


  1. Haha! Funny post. All the people-watching pervs out there will despise you for this one.

  2. Hi, ladies. This is Rebecca, the inventor of the No See 'ems blouse gap closures. We appreciate your support. I know you think the name Bug Catcherz is cheesy, but we chose it because we plan to develop other solutions to product issues that bug women. We plan to "catch" and "fix" those pesky problems.

    On a side note, our No See 'ems Too are larger, stronger and longer lasting than Hollywood Fashion Tape. Check it out for yourself. We know you'll love the strength. We are the only company on the market whose adhesive will work through perspiration, so you can even work out in ours if you want to.

    Thanks again, and keep us posted.


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