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I Won!

• 19 June 2007

It's a miracle! I actually won a giveaway!! I'm thrilled. This is a fun blog, especially if you have kids. Check it out!


  1. congrats, congrats. that site is so cute and so is yours. lovely stuff. i especially agree with your tastes in style & wicked of course. will be seeing you more often.

  2. I wondered if that was you! One of the girls is the sister of someone who married a Mudrick family friend! It's a cute site, and you've got to love giveaways. I'm still waiting for my lucky day! (ps--do you ever check out modmom.blogspot? She has some good giveaways, too!)

  3. How random! A Mudrick family friend huh? Does Rebecca know her then? I've never checked out modmom but I will today! Thanks for the recommendation.

  4. Marta, is it too late to get involved in your swap?

  5. Hi. I'm excited that you won! I lived in Boston for grad school and know and love Rebecca and her family. My younger sister (Ashley) also married Jacob Anderson, who is best friends with a Mudrick. (I'm not sure which one. I don't know their family well.) Crazy. Such a small world! Who would have guessed.

    Tangled and True.


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