stephmodo: Happy Father's Day Dad!

Happy Father's Day Dad!

• 17 June 2007

I hope my Dad has a great Father's Day today. He deserves it.

My Dad always said he wanted to raise strong women and I've always appreciated that over the course of my life. He's encouraged me and provided numerous opportunities for growth, especially during my high school and university years. I appreciate all he did to provide me with an excellent education and amazing travel experiences. Each of these truly opened my eyes in a different way and made me see the world in a better light. To me, those kind of experiences are priceless.

Another thing I love about my Dad is that he always saw the best in me. He wrote sweet notes on birthdays and highlighted why I make him happy. I felt he looked passed my shortcomings by reminding me of my strengths. This gave me much comfort, especially as a teenager.

During the current stage of my life, I am grateful that he adores my children...and they in turn adore him. This makes me very very happy.

Happy Father's Day Dad!


  1. A nice ode to your father. I hope Ben has a nice one too!

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