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New Addition

• 09 July 2007

Since living in San Francisco, where Meyer Lemons abound, we've often talked of putting one in our house. We have the perfect sun-lit corner in our kitchen...a place where a Meyer Lemon tree could thrive, even in this desert climate (we hope anyway!). I called my favorite plant store, Cactus & Tropicals, and sure enough, they had a Meyer Lemon tree in stock.

Given my black-thumb, I asked for explicit care instructions so we're hoping for fruit here in a few months. I'll keep you posted...

P.S. Don't buy your pots at Cactus & Tropicals unless you are out of other options. They are quite overpriced. You can save bucko bucks shopping elsewhere for containers. Locally, I shop at Smiths Marketplace, Target, floral shops or more reasonably priced nurseries.

P.P.S. This looks like a yummy recipe using Meyer Lemons.


  1. that meyer lemon pudding recipe looks amazing...i'll have to try that post-bar! hope all is well and that the tree grows and bears fruit!


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