stephmodo: "Owies"


• 09 July 2007

L. has more than a few "owies" on his little body right now. Oh the life of a little two-year-old boy! I found these cool little monkey band-aids for him at Got Beauty (of all places to find band-aids!) but you can find them online here too. He thinks they are pretty cool since he's used to the plain old store-brand band-aids.

Caveat: L. put these on himself...I say he did a pretty good job!

Note: This same website (and Got Beauty in SLC if you're local) has awesome pirate band-aids--perfect for a little boy a few years older than my L. If you had a pirate-themed birthday party, it would be fun to include a few in the "goody bag".


  1. We hope your boo-boo gets better soon, L! What a timely post. Taisei just got his first band-aid last night. It was on his right hand and he just walked around with his right hand in the air all night. Kids are so funny!


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