stephmodo: Air Travel Survival Kit...with Kids

Air Travel Survival Kit...with Kids

• 15 October 2007

Traveling with the kiddies over the holidays this year? Stock up on these goodies, load them into a backpack, and off you go on what will hopefully be a manageable (and enjoyable?) trip. Here are some recommendations, (according to Travel & Leisure Family mag) for what to pack:

1. Snacks (edamame, apple, yogurt tube, gingersnaps, carrots, string cheese, lollipop, trail mix, pita chips)

2. Wooly Willy

3. Activity books & crayons (coloring, connect-the-dots, crosswords, etc.)

4. Change of clothes

5. Wipes

6. FunForms sticker art

7. Paper towels and plastic bags

8. Portable DVD player

9. Motion-sickness bracelets

10. Magnetic Chinese checkers

These two backpacks are probably the two cutest I've ever laid my eyes upon. I feel like hoppin' on a plane right now just so I can justify snatching these up!

Click here for the barnyard animal backpacks (on sale!)

Click here for the dino backpack.


  1. We wrap our new toys/coloring books we give to the kids on the airplane. It takes a couple more minutes of time!


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