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• 29 October 2007

This upcoming Saturday I'm giving a 30 minute presentation on "home decor on a budget" at a church function. I know, I know...can you believe how desperate they are to ask me...a total designer wannabe? What in the world can I say for a half hour? 'Shop at Target' perhaps? Nah, I have to be more creative than that unfortunately :) So here's where you come in...

Does anyone have any tips to pass along? Keep in mind that "budget" is an underlying theme. If statistics prove accurate, I am hoping for a few hundred comments in the next few days :)

Help please!


  1. I have heard that you can switch furnishings from room to room. Sometimes just mixing things up a bit helps or maybe add a new piece a month.

  2. perhaps perusing Real Simple's archives will be helpful. i love the ideas of decorating with things from the grocery store. such as lemons in a bowl for a centerpiece, framing calendar pictures in ikea frames, etc.

    good luck!

  3. Try and figure out your style, you'll save so much money if you do what YOU like instead of following the "herd."

    Paint + DI/Yard Sale furniture = Wonders.

    Learn to sew!

    Find bargain websites like, etc. Watch clearance at your favorite pricey stores (PB, PBKids, PB Teen, C&B, etc.)

    I think you're in Utah ... tell them to shop at Downeast Home!!

    Use coupons at Roberts & Michaels for frames, apothecary jars, etc.

  4. I have found quite a few nice pieces of furniture at thrift stores. You just have to keep your eyes open and keep an open mind...with a little tlc they look great in our home.

  5. I love the idea of covering blank canvas with fabric. I haven't done it yet, but plan on doing it in my sunporch with lots of wall space. You can get an enormous stretched, blank canvas for about $20 ( we have Hobby Lobby and Michaels here)and then shop for discount fabrics to staple on (stretch around the canvas) and hang on the wall! Good luck!

  6. Spend an evening at Barnes and Noble perusing all of the design magazines. Then, when you have settled on a certain style or aesthetic, buy a few of them and pull out the pages of things you want to copy or things you just love. Start by editing out things that are dated/you don't like anymore and sell them on Craigslist to get cash for your new look! Then hit TJMaxx, Target, thrift stores, craigslist, you name it, to find bargains in the look you want. And don't be afraid to mix and match- matchy matchy is boring!

  7. Great ideas so far out there Steph. What about just covering old cushions with a new updated fabric? Throw them on your couch and wa-la. I think plants add alot to a home. They aren't that expensive and it adds to the homeyness and adds color!

  8. Back when I wanted to be an interior designer I learned one principle of design that I'll never forget....that you should always choose something to be the central thing that unifies everything else, both style and colorwise...such as a fabric, a painting, a rug, etc. Choose that one thing that you really love, then tie everything together from that.

    An interior designer I knew told me that a cheap way to have cool art in your home is to mat and frame cards or calendar pages that have artwork on them. Another tip is to go to T.J. Maxx for great/cheap pillows. They also have great picture frames and fun wall decor, cheap linens and rugs. I've never paid over $16 a pillow there, and they've been great! Tag/Garage sales are great places to find good stuff,too, as are Consignment shops. "Re-purposing" things in your home can also be fun and a very cheap way to accesorize. Learn to sew simple things like pillow covers, valances and simple curtains...and also use fabric to recover chair seats (super easy! If I can do it, you can too!). I'll let you know if I can think of anymore ideas. <3 Mom

  9. Garage and estate sales can be a fabulous resource. Also there is much good that can be done with a can of paint. Sometimes a piece of furniture that looks so sad and sorry can be totally transformed simply by painting it. Zinsser Bullseye 123 is a fabulous primer (in oil or water based) and doesn't require much sanding beforehand. Good luck with your presentation. I wish I could come!

  10. Group in odd numbers, or if an even number make sure the frames, and matting are the same. Use mirrors - an inexpenive way to decorate a space. Window treatments finish the room - so if you can sew a basic window treatment it will really save a lot but give the look of a fabulous room. Lastly, PAINT, PAINT, PAINT - the best wasy to change the look of a room - be creative - just keep the paint tones the same. Good Luck - you'll do great! You've got such a natural flair for things!

  11. Sometimes it's not what you buy/add but what you take away. Decluttering and simplifying can be a way to improve a room.

  12. I think a big thing is to find/make original art, rather than use a lot of prints. There are lots of inexpensive and simple ways of making art -- from hanging your children's art, or the fabric over canvas thing that donita mentioned, or blowing up artful photographs you've taken, etc. Also there is SO much affordable art to be found online (etsy, 20 x 200).

    Another thing I've learned is even though you are on a budget, don't nickel and dime your money away. I think it's better to have less and really like what you have rather than getting a bunch of so-so stuff because it was on sale. :) (which I've often done)

  13. what about getting a part time job at your favorite store for the discount?


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