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Stop Overthinking, Start Living

• 08 October 2007

I love "The Motivator" column in Real Simple. She gets my wheels turning just about every month. I knew this particular article was going to be good when she started sounding off about native Ohioans, being one herself. Ah-ha! Is that why I'm that way?

Click here to read "How to Stop Overthinking Your Life and Start Living It". It's such a great read and will only take you about 4 minutes to complete. Come on, you've got 4 minutes don't ya?


  1. Hey Steph, I read this article in a waiting room somewhere, I think, and just that little blip at the beginning about how Ohioans "pretty much say what they mean, do what they say..." explains so much for me as well! No wonder I never fit in down South! :)



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