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Fun on the Farm

• 08 October 2007

When B. and I vacayed in Mexico, my super-stepmom flew into town to take care of the two oldest kiddies. They had lots of fun going places, meeting new people and of course consuming more than a few milkshakes and cheeseburgers...I guess that's what Grandma's are for--spoiling!

Here are a few pictures, mostly from their day on the farm. It was definitely the favorite of all the activities!

Stinky! (Notice nose plugging)

This is the Place State Park

Sliding down the cotton pile

Shoes covered in mud but we're still laughing!

The shoes


  1. I am assuming that those legs inside the jeans are Luke's. When I first saw that picture I thought to myself, " that is how your dad stands ". Isn't that funny. Genes can be so strong.


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