stephmodo: Organizing Tip #2

Organizing Tip #2

• 09 October 2007

Organize Your Closet.

* Go through your wardrobe and jettison anything that's one of the four S's: stretched, small, smelly (ew!), or stained (sure, you could clean the stained and smelly pieces, but the idea is to let things go).
* Turn all your hangers in one direction, and for the next six months, flip the hanger (and leave it flipped) when you wear something. Donate the untouched clothes.
Per O magazine, January 2007

Caveat: As I'm going through my closet I am taking pieces that I enjoy--but that don't fit well--to be altered. This way I can justify keeping pieces I like and increase my options. Locally I like Sugarhouse Alterations in Sugarhouse Commons (Nordstrom Rack, Michaels, Tsunami, etc.).

Organizing Tip #1

Make Your Bed Each Day


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