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Feeling Humbled

• 02 November 2007

I began attending a French class just to make sure my kids couldn't take advantage of me :)

The other night, when trying to get through some "homework", I asked B. a question about sentence structure. He in turn winked and replied, "Ask E.". I rolled my eyes just a teensy weensy bit and asked my daughter with a twinkle in my eye. She then proceeded to tell me how to pose the question properly and added "Good Job Mommy!" (with much enthusiasm mind you) when I repeated it correctly.

It was a gentle reminder that although the parent, I do not in fact know everything (not that I ever did before but you know what I mean). There is much to learn from these little people! Aren't they amazing?


  1. We loved this post! E is SO CUTE!! And isn't amazing how smart kids are?

  2. E is going to be an amazing student! The trick is going to be giving her enough challenge to keep her from being bored!!! How awesome that B. has always spoken French with them! I brag about them all the time to my language teacher friends! -Proud Nana G.


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