the Comparison Trap

• 29 January 2008

I love being a woman and I am happy to know many women who enhance my life in different ways just by being their true authentic self. However, I am sad for us all when comparison becomes the topic of conversation. The comparison trap is so unnecessary...everyone has something different to offer after all. Sometimes we women verbalize this comparison, other times the words aren't said but manifested instead in our actions or expressions. Either way it's no good for anyone--it is really a trap! It is far more fulfilling to accept others and to be happy for their joys and successes while still maintaining a healthy self-concept. If God loves us for who we are, shouldn't we love who we are?

I'm making this my New Year's resolution #11.
Each of us has something to learn according this article here. It is a well-written, gentle article.

A concise, thoughtful, short article on overcoming comparison here.

An honest article Today's Christian Woman on the comparison trap here.

A life coach's five recommendations for overcoming comparison here.

photo per San Diego Historical Society


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