Jacket Re-Work

• 29 January 2008

When pregnant with my last child I picked this up at Target because I thought it looked very "Audrey Hepburn" in style--a style I love. The jacket was decent in contruction and fully lined...surprising for a $30 jacket. The one problem? The buttons cheapened the jacket in a big way. I decided to head to Fashion Affair on 33rd in attempt to find some higher quality buttons, preferably in a vintage look to match the style of the jacket.

I found success, bought some thread, and whipped out my little sewing kit I've schlepped around for the past 13 years (it was a h.s. graduation gift). Even someone like me, who is incapable of sewing a straight line even while guided on a machine, can sew on a button. That means you can too :)

Do you have something you can re-work too?


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