stephmodo: Jacket Re-Work

Jacket Re-Work

• 29 January 2008

When pregnant with my last child I picked this up at Target because I thought it looked very "Audrey Hepburn" in style--a style I love. The jacket was decent in contruction and fully lined...surprising for a $30 jacket. The one problem? The buttons cheapened the jacket in a big way. I decided to head to Fashion Affair on 33rd in attempt to find some higher quality buttons, preferably in a vintage look to match the style of the jacket.

I found success, bought some thread, and whipped out my little sewing kit I've schlepped around for the past 13 years (it was a h.s. graduation gift). Even someone like me, who is incapable of sewing a straight line even while guided on a machine, can sew on a button. That means you can too :)

Do you have something you can re-work too?


  1. hey do you wanna come live with me and rework my whole closet? decor? What dya say?

  2. You're too nice. I'd love to help though...if you're close!

  3. Love it steph. So dang cute. I did that with a Isaac Mizrahi for target taffeta shirt dress and it worked wonders! Sisters think alike!


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