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Easy Home Decor Idea

• 11 January 2008

Perhaps I've mentioned this in the past so forgive me if I'm redundant...The other day as I admired the pretty shape of winter clementines on the kitchen table, I was reminded of this tip: use everyday fruit to add color and texture to your living space. It's so inexpensive and makes such an impact. Fruits like grapefruit, oranges, mangos, limes and lemons seem to make the most impact colorwise. But if you want your fruit bowl to double as a snack oasis as well, choose easy-to-peel clementines for the kiddies.


  1. Find a long, narrow tray or an antique wooden bread dough rising tray (frequently available in antique shops) and line up several apples, oranges, or pears with a few inches in between each one. (An odd number of items looks best)
    This makes a great simple centerpiece on a rectangular table or it looks good on the top of a long, narrow shelf.
    There are very realistic artificial fruits available, if you want this to last longer.

  2. I've arranged bright citrus fruits in a trifle dish on my table before...and guests actually wowed at how talented a decorator I was. In truth, I had hardly any furniture, nearly bare walls, and 2 toss pillows on the sofa. Plus the fruit on the table. It's the fruit that made them think such lovely thoughts, I'm convinced!

  3. I love idea of a trifle dish Kimberly. I'm totally going to do that sometime. Thanks for the tip!


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