stephmodo: New Years Resolutions Reworked

New Years Resolutions Reworked

• 09 January 2008

I've thought a lot about different things these last few days--things I haven't thought about for awhile. Why? Perhaps because I burned my face pretty badly this week and I look funny; and that while at the hospital I saw a precious little child with third degree burns on half of her sweet head. It caused me to ponder what is really important in life and what is merely a distraction.

Therefore, I've decided to rework a few of my New Year's Resolutions I posted here a week or so ago.

1. Forget the laundry.

2. Take each of my older (3 and up) on a monthly "date".

3. Become better at just sitting down and playing along with my kids. My Little Pony here I come.

4. Go on a fabulous vacation alone with the know what I'm talkin' about. I am dreaming here, here or here.


  1. ahhhh! Was it difficult to leave your babies with someone the first time you took a trip?

  2. That's horrible to hear about your burn. How scary!! I hope you heal quickly.

    I would vote for Greece! It's so beautiful. (My husband did Greece on scooters with his family pre-marriage. Sounds dreamy to me.) And I'm in love with Italy as well. It's where I would choose to live if I went foreign with my little family.

  3. So sorry about your burn. And to think we were iming shortly after! I think your resolutions are great and it helped me rethink mine too.

    Have you looked into Malta? Its my new obsession since I found out Count of Monte Cristo was all filmed there.

  4. a burn? the hospital? yikes. Hope you are okay. You deserve a vacation... burn or not. :) So ALL of your places are vacation spots I have been very interested in. I'm almost done nursing; Mark and I are due for a vacation sometime soon! Let's coordinate.

  5. I've actually been babying the burn big time, per doctor's orders, and it is healing nicely. So don't worry about me...I am totally fine.

    Leah I am looking into Malta...

    So many little time!


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