stephmodo: New Year's Resolutions...Edited Version

New Year's Resolutions...Edited Version

• 01 January 2008

Here are a few of my goals for the upcoming year...the ones I don't mind you knowing about anyway. The rest I'll keep to myself...I wouldn't want to reveal all my frailties now would I?

1. Stay on top of household laundry, i.e. not allow more than two--make that one, this is a goal after all--week of laundry to pile up at any given time.

2. Fold laundry after completion thus avoiding digging through piles of clean laundry in the laundry room that never quite made it upstairs.

3. Be more patient

4. Remember birthdays in a timely fashion

5. Listen more

6. Open an Etsy shop just for fun. I'd probably end up making 5 cents an hour if I actually sold anything but again, it would be fun...B. does not agree :)

7. Have all my Christmas preparations done before Thanksgiving

8. Be a better mother

9. Knock the socks off this 3rd-child-post-partum-blues thing goin' on

10. Smile more, laugh more and try to slip in a Brian Regan show somewhere along the way.

I think that's enough for 2008. Thankfully some of these go hand in hand in a way (i.e. #6, #9 and #10) so maybe I do have a fighting chance after all. I feel like I'm constantly setting goals for myself throughout the year but the fresh start of a brand new year does seem apropos for setting goals despite the fact it's overdone.

I wish you all a happy, healthy, productive, fun, inventive, new year. May this be the year you step outside your box a little bit more!


  1. Just discovered your blog & love it!

    Happy New Year!

    - Jenny :)

  2. If you're up for another clean and hilarious comedian, try Demetri Martin. SOOOOOO funny!

  3. 2 weeks of laundry huh?

  4. Two weeks of laundry...yes it's sad but true! What can I say? It's not my forte :)

  5. Oh - so pleased to read #9. I was just waxing philosophic on my own blog regarding the same issue when I got distracted, saved the post as a draft, and blog hopped over to yours. Thank you.

  6. Great list of goals you have here. Good luck to you in all of them (I would need luck if I had you #1 as one of MY goals)

  7. Mannn, what is it about laundry? I have no problem getting it in the machine, why can't we just FOLD it? I am right there with ya...

  8. I can SO relate to the laundry thing. Why, why, why is it so hard to keep on top of this? I often think: if I just do one load after the kids are dropped off at school... but alas, I put it in, even transfer to the dryer... and then promptly forget to even take the clothes out for three days!


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