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Make these Your Next Pair of Jeans

• 02 January 2008

Not too long ago Whimsy hosted a denim sale (50% off all designer denim) and I found a pair of AG "Angel" jeans for the price of a regular pair of jeans at the Gap. Score! I tried on several pairs that day and kept coming back to this style because my bum didn't hang out the back...always a plus. Given how difficult it is to find low-rise jeans that actually rise a little higher in the back, I wanted to share my find.

So here it is...the best pair of jeans ever...AG jeans in the "Angel" style. Lucky for you it comes in several washes. I found the best price here (I eliminated results for corduroy and really light colored styles) but perhaps you'll have better luck than I. If you're up for second hand, check out Ebay.


  1. I love these- I own a pair and they are wonderful quality too. Another great pair, if your still looking, is David Kahn, you can get them at Nordi's in the Point of View Dept (I know? who knew). They are a higher rise too and aren't sized to fit only a size 0! They run about $170, but well worth it!!

  2. I found these several years ago. The best thing I found this year was a AG Outlet in Cabazon - by Palm Springs. I no longer by Angels, but Sam and Billy which come in short. They fit my 5'3" perfectly without any alterations. The best part - at the outlets they are only $39 - I stock up everytime i drive to Palm Springs or Arizona.

  3. Katie, you lucky lucky girl. I'm 5'2" (and a half!) so I'm sure I'd love the Sam & Billys too. I'll look into it. That price is amazing.

    Ms. Horsley, I will look into David Kahn too...any chance they end up at the Rack ever?

  4. Steph: This post is so timely for me, I need some new jeans!
    Let's go shopping when I'm in Utah!

  5. I too have tried these jeans. They were my favorite 4 years ago. They do stretch out a lot so you need to buy them tight. Actually, I've owned a couple different pairs of the AG Angel cords. They are my favorite ever! Anthropologie has some light blue Angels on sale right now (I forget how much).

  6. nice jeans ...gulp


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