Spice Drawer Overhaul

• 26 January 2009

I think everyone has a few spots in the house that really suffer...my home is no exception. Perhaps the #1 junk spot in my home {was} my spice drawer. Once, some guests over for dinner even let out a gasp when I opened the drawer while finishing up something last minute for dinner. It was that bad :) I smiled when I heard this because I recognized how almost-comical it was to have a drawer that messy. To date, I've never seen anyone else's spice drawer as disorganized as mine was. Truly. In fact, I was going to show you a picture of the "before", but decided against sharing it because I really only like to show pretty pictures on my blog and folks...this was not pretty. If you want a visual, simply imagine a drawer with various shaped bottles thrown in it every which way with no rhyme or reason...catch my drift? Oh, and I had to shove bottles all over each other just to get the drawer to close...

For the makeover: I used the small circle labels from Stuck, and bought the racks and jars at the Container Store. I can't tell you how great it is to open this once-problematic place in my home.

Maybe we'll have that couple over again and leave our spice drawer open for a look-see :)


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